Waimea Weekly with coffee

Waimea Weekly has been telling the stories of the Waimea region since 2005 and has earned a loyal following of readers and advertisers.

Delivered to 12,500 homes and businesses every Wednesday, the Waimea Weekly’s circulation area is in the Tasman District, just west of Nelson.

The Weekly features news, features, opinion and sport coverage and is a favourite of the local business community, with more than 100 local businesses choosing the Waimea Weekly to grow their business through advertising in its pages.

Advertisement Sizes

Waimea Weekly ad sizes
One off: $995+GST Commission bearing: $1194+GST
One-off: $575+GST Commission bearing: $718.75+GST
One-off: $575+GST Commission bearing: $718.75+GST
One-off: $395+GST Commission bearing: $493.75+GST
One-off: $150+GST Commission bearing: $180+GST

Advertisement Pricing

Full Page

$ 995

+GST, One-Off
  • Commission bearing: $1194+GST

Half Page

$ 575

+GST, One-Off
  • Commission bearing: $718.75+GST

1/4 Page

$ 395

+GST, One-Off
  • Commission bearing: $493.75+GST

1/8 Page

$ 150

+GST, One-Off
  • Commission bearing: $180+GST

Mechanical Details

  • Page size: Tabloid (37cm deep by 26.3 wide)
  • Resolution: 200 dpi
  • Editorial to come as Rich Text Format in Microsoft Word or in the body of an email
  • Ad copy accepted as a PDF
  • Colour to be CMYK

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“Recently, we have been using Waimea Weekly to speak directly to our greater Richmond community. We have been reminded just how powerful a local advertising medium this community newspaper is. The team here have received positive and consistent feedback from the commencement of our campaign. Being a locally owned business, we understand the importance of supporting a locally owned media company, our community is better connected and richer for it.”