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Nelson Weekly is a multi-award winning community newspaper servicing Nelson city and its surrounding suburbs.

It has won dozens of journalism awards and reports on local issues, court, council, the local sporting scene and is a voice for its readers.

The Weekly is the largest circulating newspaper in the region. It also holds advertising from the vast majority of local businesses.

Nelson Weekly is published each Wednesday.

Nelson Weekly distribution area

Average readership: 51,660    |    Circulation: 21,525

Advertisement sizes

$1145+GST, one-off
$685+GST, one-off
$465+GST, one-off
$465+GST, one-off
$520+GST, one-off

Advertisement Pricing

Full page

$ 1145

per issue, +GST

Half page

$ 685

Per issue, +GST

Quarter page

$ 465

Per issue, +GST


$ 465

Per issue, +GST

"The Nelson Weekly delivers us a constant, steady flow of work. It’s been interesting to know that four weeks after we advertise, people ring, having cut out the ad. We know that the Nelson Weekly is a great way to keep your business in front of customers – it is advertising that works!"

Stephanie SavageTop Cat Roofing

We’ve used the Nelson Weekly regularly and then we decided to test a period without it. Having tried both, we are definitely all in and continuing regular advertising – because it works and gets results for us.

Raeward Fresh

We use the Weekly regularly, not only because we regularly get new clients as a result of the advertising, but also because we get exceptional service. It seems that everyone reads the Weekly, it’s also good to support a local media service, that provides news and information about our region.

Craig MoriceRout Milner Fitchett

I advertise regularly in the Nelson Weekly and the Nelson Magazine. It is the only advertising I do. I know a lot of people have seen my ads because I regularly get comment about it. The Weekly and the Nelson Magazine have a wide readership and are effective profile builders for me. I get both excellent service and value for money. This advertising has been an effective tool to grow my business.

Mark SheehanPlus4 Insurance

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