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Marlborough Weekly is a community newspaper delivering quality local news and human-interest stories to more than 18,426 homes and businesses across Marlborough.

The Marlborough Weekly is a true local paper, reporting exclusively on local stories, local people and is passionate about the region it serves. The paper was founded in 2019 due to a need for a local paper to cover the region comprehensively and with strong journalist integrity.

The Marlborough Weekly has the largest newspaper circulation in Marlborough with a dedicated and energetic team of experienced news and sports journalists, advertising consultants and designers who are passionate about connecting community.

Recognizing the value of local relationships, the Marlborough Weekly is proud to remain locally owned & operated to this day.

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Average readership: 46,488    |    Circulation: 18,426

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$1100+GST, one-off
$650+GST, one-off
$450+GST, one-off
$475+GST, one-off
$520+GST, one-off

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Full page

$ 1100

per issue, +GST

Half page

$ 650

Per issue, +GST

Quarter page

$ 450

Per issue, +GST


$ 475

Per issue, +GST

"Getting enquiries and raising profile were the important goals for our recent advertising campaign when we ran a quarter page ad in the Marlborough Magazine and Marlborough Weekly. We fielded considerably more enquiries for new decks than expected, in fact we then needed to advertise for more staff. The return on advertising investment was second to none. The team were professional, really easy to deal with and very enthusiastic."

Mike CornelissenDecks4U

"The team at Marlborough Media have been key to the promotion of our business since opening in December 2020. We have utilised a range of opportunities across the Marlborough App, Marlborough Weekly and the Marlborough Magazine as we needed to get the word out there and everywhere! With every edition published we continue to field a number of enquiries as a result of each advert which convert directly into sales and servicing. We are thrilled with the results and look forward to working with the professional, friendly team on our ongoing campaigns.”

Lisa EriksonBikes and Scooters Marlborough

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