Nelson Magazine mockup

Nelson Magazine is the region’s only lifestyle magazine dedicated solely to Nelson. Published on high-gloss, the magazine features articles and advertising on fashion, lifestyle, homes, beauty and food. Nelson Magazine is delivered to drop stands around the region at the beginning of every month as well as all the waiting rooms, café’s, restaurants, and shops.

The magazine targets predominantly women aged between 30-65 but does attract a strong number of male readers as well.

The magazine is a high-impact way to get your brand to your target market.

Advertisement Sizes

Magazine ad sizes
$1050+GST Commission bearing: $1312.50+GST
$650+GST Commission bearing: $812.50+GST
$430+GST Commission bearing: $537.50+GST
$460+GST Commission bearing: $575+GST

Advertisement Pricing

Full Page

$ 1050

Per Issue, +GST
  • Commission bearing: $1312.50+GST

Half Page

$ 650

Per Issue, +GST
  • Commission bearing: $812.50+GST

1/4 Page

$ 430

Per Issue, +GST
  • Commission bearing: $537.50+GST


$ 460

Per Issue, +GST
  • Commission bearing: $575+GST

Mechanical Details

  • A4 size: 29.7cm high by 21cm wide

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“We have been advertising with the Nelson Magazine since it began and will continue to do so because it works for us. This has been our single advertising medium, so we can prove advertising effectiveness. We like the magazine’s local focus and the fact that it reaches different demographics. We need to speak to a wide variety of potential clients and this magazine does this effectively for us. It has good local content that appeals to a diverse readership.”